english The user acknowledges and agrees to comply with policies and agreement for the use of service by DeeDeeHost.com, which is operated by DeeDeeHost. The user acknowledges and agrees to comply with regulations issued by DEEDEEHOST.com as followings:

  1. The user acknowledges and agrees to comply with policies and agreement for the use of service by DeeDeeHost.com, which is operated by DeeDeeHost. The user acknowledges and agrees to comply with regulations issued by DEEDEEHOST.com as followings:

    The following are prohibited

    • Illegal Websites/Applications/Servers with intended use to attack, disgrace or destabilize the monarchy or religions. Use of the Services to attack, cause chaos, damages to others
    • Obscene and pornographic Websites/Applications/Servers
    • Websites/Applications/Servers for gambling activities
    • Websites/Applications/Servers that provide BitTorrent, Tracker, Online Streaming, Pirate Software, Crack, Hack, Warez to distribute viruses, worms, Trojan horses or the use of servers to attack other servers such as Mail Bombs, Hack Attacks, Spamming, Port Scanning or Port Probing. Provide MP3 , software, Video & Voice clips, Online music for download either legal or illegal
    • Websites/Applications/Servers with intended use for Bulk emailing, commercial mass E-mailing
    • Websites/Applications/Servers used to send “Spam Emails” (Mass emailing without receivers’ consent) By sending bulk emails using a non-existent email address for a reply or use of sender’s random email address such as james@gmail.com, john@gmail.com, jack@gmail.com, etc.
    • Chain emailing intend to receive a mass quantity of replies and repeated emails sent to others
    • The use of programs or systems to send emails, which result in returned undeliverable emails in high quantity or result in an effect to server operation such as Web board by sending emails with invalid email addresses. (If the user is not certain about the email address, please try using Free email first)
    • Use of the Services to send emails, which imposes rights or to intimidate others
    • Websites/Applications/Servers with intention to hack, distribute viruses or publish illegal content. Use the Services for immoral conduct or to cause chaos and damage to others
    • Websites/Applications/Servers with the use of scripts or programs to disrupt a server performance (both ability to process and store unusual large amount of memory space). If the service provider discovers the issue, there will be a suspension until it is resolved by the user. Failure to comply, the service provider will terminate Websites/Applications/Servers immediately. The provider is not responsible for the damage of any kind
    • Websites/Applications/Servers intended to infringe any copyright or intellectual property rights of others and any third-party worldwide
    • Websites/Applications/Servers intended to threaten, deceive and publish false information, inappropriate content and illegal drugs-related content
    • Websites/Applications/Servers intended to cause damage to the service provider
    • Websites/Applications/Servers with violation to the Computer Crimes Act, B.E. 2550 (2007)

    The service provider reserves the right to terminate a contract or the website without prior notice and no refunds are to be made. Failure to comply with the policies of services mentioned above, the service provider has the right to investigate whether the user fails to comply with the agreement

  2. Information given to the service provider must be true and correct. If the user provides false information, the service provider can reject a request
  3. The user must send an official document issued by the government for a registration of any services the first time. This is to verify and protect the use of others’ information for illegal activity when asked for. Required documents are a copy of a national ID card / Passport or a driver’s license for individuals. In the case of juristic persons, company certification is required. However, if the service is terminated, the service provider will destroy the document
  4. A registered domain name cannot be renamed. If the user requests a new name, the user has to pay to register for a new domain name
  5. The service provider immediately grants the website within 24 hours (during working hours) once payment document with required information is received completely. If the payment is made with incomplete information, for example, without stating order number, domain name, contact number or a loss of communication for a period of one month, the service provider has to necessarily cancel the order
  6. The service provider has no refund policy for domain registrations and transfers, except a failure to compliance conducted by the service provider
  7. The service provider has offers a 30 Day money-back guarantee that is only allowed for webhosting services
  8. For all services provided, the system sends an email notification 7 days prior to an expiry date. If the user does not complete the payment within 3 days after the expiry date, the service provider will temporarily suspend the service. If the user does not make a payment or contact us within 7 days after an expiry date, the service provider will remove the user’s information from the system. Such information will be unrecoverable
  9. The service provider takes no responsibility for the damage of Websites/Applications/Servers that occur for any reason. The damage could be caused by equipment malfunction, unintentional deletion of the user’s information or due to force majeure by the service provider or the user themselves
  10. If the service provider receives complaint, request or suspicion, the service provider holds the right to terminate or temporarily suspend the service for further investigation on the matter
  11. The service provider reserves the right to terminate the service immediately in the case of the user’s credit card having been fraud or stolen without the owner’s consent to make a payment for the service
  12. The service provider reserves the right to use or reveal information of the user if requested by government officials. The service provider cooperates with the Royal Thai police department to examine Websites/Applications/Servers with inappropriate messages or content, which may disrupt public order. If one discovers improper conduct, you are encouraged to report to us so that we can make a further investigation for those Websites/Applications/Servers
  13. Content and design on Websites/Applications/Servers which is made by the service provider is rightfully owned. The service provider reserves the right to prohibit the user from copying, duplicating and using the content elsewhere without a written permission
  14. The service provider will contact the user via a registered email, which was used when making an order on the website. If the user requests to replace an email or a person in charge, please email us using the registered email on the website. If the registered email cannot be accessed, the service provider will ask for company certification or receipts to verify the service owner’s right. Failure to provide the document, the service provider will not be able to provide such information to the requester regardless
  15. The service provider does not offer Software/Script or web design services. Any issues with software engineering/script will not be answered. We may provide a link related to the issue for the user to self-resolve. The service provider only responds to questions related to website services. The main operation of the service provider is to provide Cloud server and Cloud backup, which is an infrastructure as a service. It can only be used according to all the features provided on the website.
  16. If any of these files (e.g. website files, e-mail files, database files) used on Websites/Applications/Servers/Cloud Backup are infected with viruses, it will be deleted from the system automatically without prior notice
  17. The service provider's promotion regarding the Lowest Price Guarantee is only based on the 1GB and 10GB webhosting plans. The competitor must offer their webhosting packages including cPanel, Softaculous, hosting in Thailand and must have this price for at least 6 months.
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